Thursday, May 5, 2011

A New Purse is Supposed to Make a Girl Happy

So happy, in fact, that you want to immediately go places.

NOT stand around having your picture taken.

You will gladly pose for pictures in your new dress.

And blush a little when you remember the other day.

Sometimes, a new purse can make you wildly happy.

Happy enough to play peek-a-boo!

A new purse can finish off the perfect Easter outfit.

But you won't stay still for too long. There are still places to go!!

These purses are custom versions of the Bliss Jaunt. Each Bliss bag is designed, embroidered and sewn with fanciful cotton prints and Ultrasuede by The Blissful Stitcher. Each one is limited edition and sometimes one of a kind. There are several in my etsy shop.

Photos used with permission.

A view of the interiors:


Debbie said...

What sweet little models!

Dread Champion Momma said...

LOVE these photos...and the purses!!! :)

Heidi, The Blissful Stitcher said...

Thank you! The girls' mom is an excellent photographer! I am very thankful that she took the time to send these to me.

Susan in the Boonies said...

ADORABLE PICTURES!!! (Yes, I'm sort of screaming, but in a good way. :-D )

Andrea said...

Excellent pictures! Love how proud the girls look.

Linda said...

Stinkin' cute!

NotaSupermom said...

Those look fabulous, dahling!

Robin said...

LOVE!! Those are too cute.

Heidi, The Blissful Stitcher said...

Thanks, girls!