Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Meet Snowflake and Nutcracker

My daughter's studio is performing the Nutcracker in a couple of weeks.
I am busy making souvenirs.
These are flannel rice-filled heating pads.
This Nutcracker might look a little psycho, but all of them do. Have you noticed?
Nutcrackers rarely look friendly.
This is my own design.
Should I admit that?
Watch for the Sugar Plum Fairy.
Coming Soon.


Susan in the Boonies said...

Holding my breath for the matchless Sugar Plum!!!
She needs matches? Maybe she's gonna caramelize herself?

Nice stuff, Heidi!

Heidi, The Blissful Stitcher said...

Before I could start a glaze, a ginger bread man popped out of my machine! I'm trying to catch him so I can take a picture.

BETHANY said...

Super cute snowflake!