Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Run, Run! Fast as You Can...

You can't catch me; I'm the Ginger Bread Man!

He sure smells good! Good enough to eat!
Oh! I shouldn't have said that. Makes him nervous.
He is getting away!!!! Stop him!

There he goes.

I guess I'd better stitch another one.

This is another design for the rice-filled flannel heating pads.

I made these for sale at my daughter's ballet studio's production of the Nutcracker. My daughter was Clara's Friend, a Jester, and Chinese Tea.

If you would like one, and if you live out of the continental US,
I will send it without the rice.
The edge will have a two-inch hole for you to fill with your favorite rice.
After filling, a simple whip stitch will close the hole.

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Melanie said...

Another option for filling is feeder corn (feed stores) which holds the heat longer. Also, if you want some nice smell, put in a bunch of whole cloves. But be careful if you have cats! They LOVE that smell and will rub all over it.

icklepay said...

He's adorable!

Susan in the Boonies said...

So cute!!!

Heidi, The Blissful Stitcher said...

Thank you, Ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Krista said...

I'd love one but it wouldn't get here in time for Christmas so I'll order one in the New Year after the holiday rush so I'll be ready next year and another one not holiday themeed you do a camel??? :O)